Drapery lining has many benefits, namely light control, sound absorption and fabric preservation.

Determine the Look and Feel of Your Room

First, determine how much light you want in your space. Always consider the room’s functionality and usage. If you live off a busy highway, for example, you might consider a blackout lining for your bedroom to block out light and reduce excess noise. Blackout lining will achieve your goal to minimize light and sound due to its dense and opaque nature.

Alternatively, in your living room, you may want some light to filter through even when your curtains are drawn to give your space an open, brighter feel. Light-filtering lining is semi-transparent and allows some light to penetrate both the drapery fabric and lining.

Lining Helps Your Drapes Live Longer

Most drapery panels are lined to help your drapes last longer. That’s because lining protects the fabric from being damaged by sun exposure. Delicate fabrics, such as silk, are more likely to be damaged from the sun so they often require heavier-weight lining or interlining. Interlining is material used as extra lining between the ordinary lining and the drapery fabric.

Pink chair and custom drapery
Properly lined drapery helps complete the look of the room.

Lining Completes the Look

Lining isn’t just practical; it adds weight and body to your drapes for a luxurious and polished look.

As experts in fabrics and drapery, the Maple Drapery team can recommend the right lining for your curtains and your space. Contact them to learn more about custom curtains.

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