As winter approaches, it’s a good idea to switch your pillows, throws and bedding to stay cozy, much like you do with your seasonal wardrobe. Adding textured fabrics, rich colours and seasonal décor items can transform your home into a warm retreat from chilly weather.

Here are some tips to cozy up your home

Add an area rug or carpet

If you don’t already have one, you may want to invest in an area rug or carpet. They have many benefits like reducing noise and grounding your space. When it comes to making your home cozy, rugs and carpets are warmer and softer than hardwood or tile, making them a comfy addition to many rooms, especially basements.

An area rug warms up the room in this Maple Manor, featuring work by Maple Drapery.

Layer your bedding

You may already make your bedding extra comfy in the winter by adding a blanket under your duvet or even changing the duvet altogether. How about cozying it up by switching your euro shams to heavier fabrics or deeper colours? You can even add a throw at the foot of your bed to match the shams.

Bedding, pillows and blankets for a fall bedroom
Peacock Alley showcases bedding, pillows and blankets with mix of colours and textures for fall. Source:

Change up your throw pillows

Replacing the throw pillows on your sofas, chairs and beds for the winter is an affordable way to adjust the mood of a room. You can swap out summery pillows for ones with thicker fabrics or fun textures, like fur or velvet.

Velvet and patterned pillows on bed
Velvet pillows make your bedding extra cozy for the winter season in this elegant Thornhill home.

Put out your throw blankets

Now is the time to pull out your throw blankets for added warmth. Not only will they be easy to access, but they can make your home look chic with their rich colours, patterns and textures. You can display one stylishly over your sofa or fit a few into a trendy basket for easy access on movie night!

Find a seasonal candle

Find a seasonal or festive candle that you love and keep it handy on a shelf or coffee table. Lighting a candle or grouping of candles warms up your space. Alternatively, opt for an environmentally friendly or child-safe option by purchasing Reallite candles; they’re flameless, battery-operated candles that come in a variety of colours and sizes. Reallite candles are reusable, easy to store and have the appearance of a traditional wax candle.

Reallite candles by Abbott Collection
Abbott Collections’s Reallite candles set the mood in a room while being child-safe and environmentally friendly. Source:

For seasonal styling and information on carpets, pillows, bedding and more, contact the Maple Drapery team. You can follow Maple Drapery on Instagram for styling inspiration too.

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